Himalayan Mushroom Treatment

Himalayan Mushroom Treatment. We decided to come down to Pheriche for a few days to recuperate at lower altitude. It is hard to emphasize what a difference 3,000 feet in elevation and a different view and food can do for you. It is at least a hard six hour hike and toward the end I [...]

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Base amp Is Melting


Base Camp is melting. Last night was very cold but the days are getting longer and warmer and camp is melting away. It is often easy to forget that this layers of filthy rock dust is just that – a layer of dust on top of ice. There are some butt bruises around here to [...]

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April 30 BC


Today was a rest day in BC. I never realize at the time how much being up high is taking out of me. I did not feel well at all so I wondered up to the Himalayan Rescue Association tent and got a check out. This is the best deal on the mountain. You make [...]

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Back In BC


I have spent the last three nights at Camp I and Camp II after making my first foray through the ice fall. This is always one of the hardest parts of the climb. Your body has not really had time to acclimatize to BC yet at 17,500. C1 is at about 19,500 and C2 is [...]

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BC goes to the Dogs


Base Camp is going to the dogs. Last night I heard the first dog barking in BC. At some point every year they will follow climbers to BC and then hang around until the season ends. In 2006 we actually had one dog follow us all the way to C2 including crossing the ladders. He [...]

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April 23


Snowed again last night. We have settled into the standard Everest weather pattern of clear and bright in the morning and cloudy, windy and snowy in the afternoon. For a while yesterday afternoon we had “snow thunder”. Just like a good ole Georgia thunderstorm with lightening and thunder except it is snowing and you generally [...]

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Update from Everest


I hope you will extend to me a point of personal privilege to deviate slightly from the climbing blog as today is a very special day for me. It is a rare confluence of circumstances that allow one to even attempt a mountain like Everest. You have to have the financial resources, good health, time [...]

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April 21

It is Saturday morning in the Khumbu. Took a long hike yesterday afternoon. We stumbled on the raised grave of a climber from Kazakhstan who died on Everest a couple of days after we came down from our summit push in 2009. It was somewhat hidden and I am not sure the authorities even know [...]

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Base Camp 20th


I am sitting here listening to all the small streams running through base camp. An hour ago they were frozen solid. My tent will go from 0 degrees at night to 100 degrees during the day. It is like a sauna without the steam. Human Corning Ware – out of the freezer and into the [...]

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April 19

Another beautiful morning at Base Camp. Our BC manager, Pertemba Sherpa, managed to round up some ladders for the people new to Everest to practice on. Everest is approached up the Khumbu glacier. A glacier is a moving river of ice. The Khumbu at times and places is moving about a meter (roughly three feet) [...]

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